Based in Breda, The Netherlands

Founding date:
March 8th, 2012



Winkeltje: The Little Shop
Fragments of Him


Sassybot is a micro independent game development studio from Breda, Netherlands composed of enthusiastic and ambitious individuals with a broad skillset set to industry standard. The team works to create and self-publish enjoyable and accessible entertainment games for PC and current generation console devices. Sassybot recently launched the wholesome fantasy shopkeeping game 'Winkeltje: The Little Shop' to a global audience.


Early history

Sassybot was formed on March 8th 2012 with the intention of turning our dream and passion of game development into a living. At the time, all of the current Sassybot members were studying Independent Game Development at the International Game Architecture & Design course in Breda, The Netherlands. By now, some of our members have graduated and are directing all their effort into growing Sassybot.

After that

During our time at the game academy we got to know each other and appreciate working together. Besides working together on assignments and projects, we also started participating in game jams where our team grew individually and collectively. Every project left us more knowledgable, skillfull and in-tune with one another than the one before. By now, our catalogue spans nearly half a dozen games that we are proud of demonstrating.


Winkeltje: The Little Shop - Release Trailer


Fragments of Him - Official Release Trailer


Bomb Defuse Simulator Post Mortem


Awards & Recognition

  • Winkeltje: The Little Shop - Indigo 2022 Showcase Finalist Indigo 2022, June 2022
  • Fragments of Him - Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Finalist SXSW Game Awards, March 2017
  • Fragments of Him - Best Writing in a Video Game Finalist (Mata Haggis) The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB), December 2016
  • Fragments of Him - 5 Award Nominations (Most Creative and Original, Best Story/Storytelling, Best Indie Game, Best Desktop/Downloadable, Best Casual) Game Connection, October 2016
  • Fragments of Him - Best Music and Audio Finalist Dutch Game Awards, September 2016
  • Fragments of Him - Gamer.nl Award Finalist Gamer.nl, September 2016
  • Fragments of Him - GaymerX4 Selection GaymerX4, September 2016
  • Fragments of Him - Nominated for Best of Interactive Nederlands Film Festival, September 2016
  • Fragments of Him - Special Award Finalist Dutch Game Awards, September 2016
  • Fragments of Him - People's Choice Award Winner Develop: Brighton, Juli 2016
  • Fragments of Him - SXSW Single Player Gamer's Voice Award Finalist SXSW, March 2016
  • Fragments of Him - GaymerX3 Selection GaymerX, December 2015
  • Fragments of Him - Develop: Brighton Top 10 Indie Showcase Selection Develop: Brighton 2015 - Hosted by Tandem: Events, June 2015
  • Fragments of Him - Indigo 2014 Selection Indigo 2014 - Powered by Dutch Game Garden, September 2014
  • Fragments of Him - Gamescom 2014 Holland Pavilion Selection Creative Industries Fund, August 2014
  • Fragments of Him - GaymerX2 Selection GaymerX, July 2014
  • Dear Stranger - 1st Place Hack the Park! Hack The Park!, June 2014
  • Small Bang Theory - Indie Prize Showcase Casual Connect Amsterdam, February 2014
  • Atum became a finalist in the 2013 IGF Student Showcase. The Independent Games Festival (IGF) holds an annual award ceremony where excellence in game development is awarded. IGF, 2013
  • Bomb Defuse Simulator 2013 is an experimental head tracking and videogame mapping game, created in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 27. Out of the 776 Ludum Dare Jam submissions, Bomb Defuse Simulator 2013 was awarded 4th place in the innovation catagory. Ludum Dare Jam 27, September 2013
  • Fragments of Him is a narrative point and click experience, created in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 26. Out of the 736 Ludum Dare Jam submissions, Fragments of him was awarded 4th place in the mood catagory. Ludum Dare Jam 26, May, 2013
  • 2nd place Kongregate Ludum Dare competition Kongregate Ludum Dare Game Contest, September 30th, 2012

Sassybot team

Tino van der Kraan
Game Designer, Arist, Creative

Elwin Verploegen
Lead Programmer






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